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ex-graff artist------ex-army soldier---german born---american made---latino

Friday, November 10, 2006

Lets start with the intro. As most everyone knows now, I am a self-titled “HIP HOP HEAD”. But that can be misleading. Yes I grew up on the beats, the rhymes, and was a fool trying to break dance on the kitchen floor. But I have noticed as time ticks away, life brings beautiful things in its travels.
I was an Army brat. Born in Landstuhl, Germany. Only 10 minutes up the road from Ramstein. But I am not German blood. My pops was in the army stationed overseas. The time there was brief. Close to a year we moved to Killeen, Texas. From there it was like musical chairs. Colorado, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Maryland, etc. So the accent is neutral. The accent of my tongue, the accent of politics, and the accent of nativity. I never felt I belonged anywhere. Still to this day I will not claim a hometown. The facts though, tell another side. But the emotion is not swayed. I actually graduated high school here in Texas. The big ATX. South Austin. Love it. But I am not native to it. I am a devils advocate. I switch my stance on a whim of entertainment. Ask me where I’m from, can be tricky. If I was in Maryland, I would say, Puerto Rico. If a woman at a bar, on 6th street asks, I will throw out Maryland, or Seattle, whatever mood I am in. I lived all over, traveled even more. Who is Phat Crayonz? An American, who’s ethnicity is Mexican, who was born in Germany.
Phat Crayonz…the name…was a concept for my own amusing. Actually it was a name I tried to use as a Graff artist, but never did. My former tag names I cannot give or I would be incriminating myself.
Phat Crayonz-----
Origin number 1- children color with crayons, as a graff artist I colored with my personal crayons, spray paint cans. To me they were big ol’ fat crayons.
Origin number 2- “taking it back like fat crayons!” Fat crayons was what I used to color with when I was in kindergarten and first grade. Big ol’ jumbo crayons. The good ol’ days. 80’s hip hop music. Classic time. Those times are known to me as old school. And that is what I am.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

HIP HOP was born in the boogie down ( south Bronx, NYC ) in the late 1970' 1978 i was born. i am a child of this culture and i take it everywhere i go...
My love went back as far as 1982. while most people on myspace were being born, i was a young child 4 or 5 yrs sitting at a drive in theater watching WILD STYLE. as they only takes a spark.
what is this love? this love is one of culture. someone once asked me why i dont listen to spanish music, since im latino? i told them thats not how i grew up. i grew up with kids rhyming in the cafeterias, my cousins boombox playing RUN DMC, i grew up with kids trying to imitate break dancing moves on the kitchen floor, i remember going to south philly to see family and my cuz braggin' about taggin' the brownstone across the street. thats how i grew up...thats my culture.
hip hop to me is not a genre of music. people tell me all the time " i like rap music" but they are not of my culture. hip hop is not about some guy with a mic rappin' with a danceable beat in the background. sometimes, thats what made me leave at times. but i always came back. hip hop survives by evolving. now upper class rich kids are heard listening to its music bumping 50 cent and other rap artist, it has reached japan, europe and every ethnic group out there in the world. but if you say you like hip hop because you listen to the local rap station on your fm dial, then you dont know. ( 95 percent of what you hear is shit...)
What comes to mind when i think of hip hop? its the inner city american youth that once a long time ago needed to speak and when they spoke, their voice was called hip hop. Its the way you talk, the way you do knowledge, its about not whoring yourself to the industry money hungry companies, but to be your own person in that industry. I keep coming back because i used to love H.E.R. ( if you get that then you know what im sayin' ), and i want to feel that love again.
Its the real catz of this culture that makes me stay. its those catz that know what im talkin' about when i speak of DJ kool herc...graff writers...scott la rock and roxane shante...rock steady crew vs nyc breakers...south bronx vs. queensbridge...knowing that flava flave was the OG of the grill...and the beastie boys are the real whiteboy champs in rap.....that keep me motivated. its the love i feel when i see a burner on a train....its the love i feel when an emcee sits back and watches a real master killin' the 1200s with his hands...and its love when the dj just chills lookin at those dancing to his groove. when we can take a break from blinged out ice age rappin today and remember when lyrics were about life and everything in it, thats hip hop love.... when slick rick was the ruler...when special ed was the youngest in charge...even when ice cube actually said something in his rhymes...when the music just wasnt about your iced out jewels and your spinners and shaking your ass/culo on the dance floor.
I mean, is that it? is that what its all about now? is it just a music genre that you can dance too at the clubs then go home and not be with it anymore... is hip hop just about money, rims, your cars, your clothes, your ice? thats the current state of hip hop according to outkast and the WU, an ice age. so i embrace my friends of this culture that love it for what it was, sorta is, and hopefully will be...
im tired now of ranting and raving. i made peace. hip hop needs me and i need it. its art blesses my eyes, its music blesses my heart, its lyrics blesses my mind, its dance does so to my body. the elements of hip hop blesses this old cats soul...... i hope you open up to it like i did in 1982.